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PostSubject: Administrator: Avalon   Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:23 pm


Welcome to The Drakstein Pub. I am, by pen name, Avalon Syrrith. If you have any questions about the site that you cannot work out alone, feel free to ask for assistance. The Drakstein Pub was created to bridge the miles between one of my best friends and I so we could continue our love of writing and creating together. Being so, this is a private site and one may only register an account if they are invited.

If you are not already aware, this site houses both fiction and fan-fiction stories. All fiction stories are meant to be publishable co-author stories. For further questions that I will not delve into here, seek out the FAQ's which is located up on the menu bar. If you still don't understand something, just send a message my way.

Have fun writing~
— Avalon ♥
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Administrator: Avalon
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